The latest eBook in the How 2 with t2 series reviews the steps that marketers need to take in order to effectively target a Millennial market and drive new business with the coveted demographic.

One of the most significant problems that marketers face when they attempt to target a Millennial market with campaigns, advertising, offers or other marketing initiatives starts long before the strategy is developed. It starts with the process through which marketers define the term Millennial.

In the latest How 2 with t2 eBook, we review the definition that marketers need to adopt when it comes to Millennials in order to effectively target the group. We then talk about the idiosyncrasies that make Millennials so attractive when it comes to marketing, review the psychographics that can help us adapt to the Millennial mindset, and review some examples of brands and organizations that have perfected the art of connecting and communicating with this coveted group.

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