6 Social Media Trends to Follow in 2017

What social media trends can marketers expect to be on the rise in 2017?

Every year – in fact, it sometimes feels like every day – it seems like social media evolves and matures, ushering in new trends that shape the way we do business; 2017 is no different. Sprout Social has put together this detailed infographic highlighting some of the social media trends marketers can expect to see on the rise over the course of the year.

With the explosive growth of artificial intelligence in 2016, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that this is a topic that finds its way into several trends we can expect to see in 2017. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are among the most powerful resources marketers and society as a whole can access. It is all but certain that in 2017, these two fields will make their way into more and more processes and applications. Take a look at the infographic and find out what you should be on the lookout for in the coming year.

Social media trends to watch in 2017

How Often Should You Post to Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

How much is too much? How little is not enough? This infographic does a pretty good job of answering those questions.

One of the more popular questions marketers tend to ask relates to how often to post to social media. The truth of the matter is simple: the frequency with which you post will differ based on both the industry in which you find your business and the qualities of your audience. That said, there are some basic guidelines that serve as a starting point when considering where to begin.

This great inforgraphic from Spokal does a great job of analyzing current trends, aggregating that data and providing us with a guideline which can easily be followed when deciding how often to post to social media. Though you might find that, with time, your strategy might change, this will help get you off on the right foot.

How often to post on social media infographic

Combining Content Marketing with SEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content marketing is the process of telling stories through your content shared to social media; it is also a great way to improve your search rankings.

Content marketing has been a rising star in the realm of social media and digital marketing in recent years. As social business has moved to the forefront, marketers have started to realize that their audience members want to engage with stories. Creating a content strategy and adapting it into a marketing initiative can be challenging. But if it is done correctly, it can provide a world of benefits to your brand.

Among those benefits is search engine optimization. Through the strategic use of your content on social platforms, you can quickly improve your search rankings. This infographic from Blog Most does a great job of showcasing just how effective your content marketing initiatives can be when it comes to improving your search results.

Content marketing can be a valuable SEO asset.

Why Every Business Should Blog [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you have a business blog?

Every brand should have a business blog. It’s as simple as that. Whether you post to your business blog every month, every week, or every day, there are a number of assets that it can provide in addition to generating a significant degree of brand and Social Equity.

In this great infographic from Quick Sprout, some of the greatest benefits of your brand owning a blog are outlined. Take a look at the assets that it can provide and let us know what you think the greatest benefits of a business blog are in the comments below or on Twitter!

Why your brand should have a business blog - INFOGRAPHIC

Demographics of the Top Pinterest Influencers [INFOGRAPHIC]

What are the key demographics of the top Pinterest influencers?

Influence is a powerful phenomenon in any industry, and that is particularly true on social media. The folks at HelloSociety have done some research to determine exactly what the demographic composition is of the top 100 Pinterest influencers.

Not surprisingly, they concluded that the majority of these tastemakers are women in major American markets with a higher education (much like the largest demographic of active Pinterest users). What is interesting, however, is that these Pinterest influencers are regularly active on the network, sharing several pieces of content per day and generating a ton of engagement.

Have a look and see if there are any surprises that catch your eye! Tell us about them in the comments below or on Twitter!

pinterest influencers demographics infographic

State of Content Marketing 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

We can expect to see a lot coming from the realm of content marketing in 2014.

Content marketing, simply put, is huge. We have seen plenty of brands – both big and small – experiment with the phenomenon, some great success and some with equally great failures. All that said, there is no denying that content marketing is a trend that is here to stay, and we can expect to see a lot of movement in that field in the coming year.

This great infographic from Eloqua and Oracle and Lookbook showcases exactly what marketers can expect to see in the world of content marketing in the next twelve months. One of the more interesting trends we are seeing when it comes to content marketing is the repurposing of content.

Say, for example, you have a white paper that is long, full of numbers and simply not something people want to read. Smart marketers are realizing that this is a goldmine of content and creating several pieces of social-friendly content that can be shared to several networks, several times.

What are you doing when it comes to being innovative with your content strategy and content marketing? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

content marketing infographic 2014

Social Media Holidays Wishlist [INFOGRAPHIC]

What were people asking for most on their social media holidays wishlist this year?

Social media is a place where people go to talk about things they like, want, need and, around this time of year, a place for people to make social media holidays wishlists. Just look at what happened to one lucky girl on Reddit when Bill Gates was her Secret Santa!

So what were some of the most talked about gifts this year on social media? Take a look at the breakdown in the infographic below, and see if anything you hope to get made it onto the list.

What do you hope to find under the tree or in your stocking? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

social media holidays wishlist

Smart Social Marketers are Going Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

The future of marketing, advertising and commerce will largely be mobile, and smart social marketers realize that.

The mobile market has been growing incredibly fast in recent years. By 2017, the social advertising market is projected to be worth roughly $11 billion, and revenues from streaming and download services are projected to be somewhere around $9.5 billion. So with a $20 billion plus market just a few years away, it is no wonder that smart social marketers are looking to mobile.

Some of the stats below have been shared so many times they come as no surprise. After all, when you hear about opportunities with mobile marketing as much as we do, the fact that 60% of Twitter users are mobile is no surprise. But there are a few gems that stand out.

First, there is the fact that by 2015 (which is much closer than we seem to think) tablets will outship personal computers. There is also that fact that mobile users are far more engaged. When you look at the stats about user engagement with tweets and Facebook posts on mobile devices, it makes you wonder if ad dollars might be better spent on mobile social ads than targeting desktop feeds.

All that to say is it is no surprise that the smart social marketers out there are quickly catching on to the importance of mobile strategies and optimization.

Take a look at the infographic below and let us know what stat you think is most shocking or interesting. Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!


smart social marketers going mobile


The Power of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know that social media is important, but have you really considered the power of social media for your business?

We’ve said it countless times before, and the evidence can be found all over: the power of social media is great, and leveraging the platform properly can mean big things for your brand.

There are a lot of very interesting statistics in this infographic from Buzzsmith. Every year, new data emerges that supports the adoption of large-scale social media strategies, and this year is no different. If we look at some of the data in the infographic below, we can see that, unsurprisingly, ROI is the major focal point for most marketers and businesses. This has long been the case. In order to justify the very real cost that social media incurs, we need to be able to measure ROI from social media. Considering this, we can see which statistic is most interesting of the data below.

For those brands effectively measuring ROI (and there are a number of ways to measure it tangibly) they are seeing a 153% return on their investment into social media campaigns! This further exemplifies the great power of social media.

What campaigns have you run that evoke the power of social media? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

power of social media