Smart Social Marketers are Going Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

The future of marketing, advertising and commerce will largely be mobile, and smart social marketers realize that.

The mobile market has been growing incredibly fast in recent years. By 2017, the social advertising market is projected to be worth roughly $11 billion, and revenues from streaming and download services are projected to be somewhere around $9.5 billion. So with a $20 billion plus market just a few years away, it is no wonder that smart social marketers are looking to mobile.

Some of the stats below have been shared so many times they come as no surprise. After all, when you hear about opportunities with mobile marketing as much as we do, the fact that 60% of Twitter users are mobile is no surprise. But there are a few gems that stand out.

First, there is the fact that by 2015 (which is much closer than we seem to think) tablets will outship personal computers. There is also that fact that mobile users are far more engaged. When you look at the stats about user engagement with tweets and Facebook posts on mobile devices, it makes you wonder if ad dollars might be better spent on mobile social ads than targeting desktop feeds.

All that to say is it is no surprise that the smart social marketers out there are quickly catching on to the importance of mobile strategies and optimization.

Take a look at the infographic below and let us know what stat you think is most shocking or interesting. Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!


smart social marketers going mobile