8 Important Facebook Mobile Stats and What They Mean for Your Business

The importance of Facebook mobile for business has grown considerably with the increasing popularity of the app.

One of the most fascinating realities of the digital marketing world is the rate at which it evolves. It wasn’t long ago that Facebook and MySpace were the only two ‘networks’ out there as we understand the term today. The idea of connecting on mobile devices was an afterthought at best. Today, Facebook mobile is becoming exceedingly important to business, and the proof is in the numbers. Below are a few of the most impressive (and shocking) statistics when it comes to Facebook mobile with some explanation as to how these numbers relate to your business.

1. There are 945 million monthly active users (MAU) on the Facebook mobile app.

That means that nearly every Facebook user is taking advantage of the network on-the-go. In today’s mobile business landscape, your brand cannot afford to be stagnant. You need to travel with your Facebook audience and appeal to them with mobile friendly content (i.e. responsive and short).

2. There are 8,400 Facebook advertisers on mobile.

This is a huge opportunity! There are over 25 million businesses with registered pages on Facebook and on the website, there are only a million advertisers. That’s roughly 4%. If you think that is a big opportunity, consider how few advertisers there are competing for attention on mobile!

3. There was an 89% increase in the usage of Facebook Messenger among teens (16-19) in 2013.

To anyone that tells you Facebook is losing its teen demographic, refer them to this statistic. The popularity of Facebook among teens still exists, it is just evolving as the nature of teen engagement does: moving to mobile.

4. 927 million hours are spent every month on Facebook apps and games by Facebook mobile users.

Are you a game or app developer, or are you considering gamification for your brand? Then you should probably consider spending some time focusing solely on Facebook mobile apps. Why? Because people are spending over an hour per month, on average, playing games on Facebook mobile. In an age where it is hard to keep someone’s attention for more than eight seconds that’s quite an achievement.

5. There are 556 million daily active users (DAU) on Facebook mobile.

Consider this: if you have a mobile ready blog that you share across your social networks every day, there are 556 million people that can be targeted through social ads on Facebook mobile to read your article.

6. Your content is twice as likely to be shared or clicked on a mobile device than it is on a desktop.

The world is full of distractions and perhaps the greatest distraction of all is in the palm of your hand. Think about your daily activity on your mobile device; you are probably liking pictures on Instagram, liking status updates and re-tweeting great content on Twitter. Well, when you share content to Facebook mobile, users are, as with anything on mobile, twice as likely to engage with it than they are on a desktop.

7. 60.3% of social sharing on mobile devices can be attributed to Facebook.

Massive engagement is generated from Facebook mobile. Of all the social networks on which people can share content, Facebook is the most active. If you are trying to reach a broader audience and expand your mobile presence on social media, there are few options better than Facebook.

8. 45% of social logins are through Facebook.

If you require a login on your mobile site or app, make sure there is an option for social logins. People simply want to press a button and have their Facebook account connected to an app as opposed to creating an account. This is also beneficial when it comes to targeting your content strategy, as you will have far more insight into your engaged audience (through Facebook).

How do you leverage the power of Facebook mobile for your branding and content strategy? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter! (Stats courtesy of ShareThis, TechInAsia, Facebook, Venture Beat, AllFacebook)

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