20 Interesting Twitter Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter has gone through some big changes and the value of the network has been shown in a remarkable way, and these Twitter statistics show just how important it is.

Last week, Carl Icahn sent out a pair of tweets worth approximately $17 billion. Why? He mentioned that Apple was undervalued and the company’s stock shot up to levels it had not reached since January of this year.

It is no secret that Twitter is an extremely powerful channel. As a pseudo broadcast medium, it allots businesses certain privileges that other networks do not, that the ability to direct network traffic to sales-oriented landing pages. You can also engage with audiences in real-time conversations very easily, and you can manage your brand’s reputation and prevent issues from spiralling our of control.

Of the statistics in the infographic from Wishpond below, perhaps the most interesting one relates to the fact that the last valuation of Twitter put it at a healthy $10 billion. One wonders how last week’s events will change the value of the company, and how the structure of Twitter’s model as it applies to companies might change in the coming years.

Take a look at the fun Twitter statistics below and let us know which one you find to be the most interesting/shocking. Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

2013 twitter statistics