3 Tips to Help You Benefit from LinkedIn

Everyone knows LinkedIn as the business social network, but apart from posting your resume, what are a few things you can do to benefit from LinkedIn?

benefit from linkedinThere are hundreds of millions of users on LinkedIn, but only a small percentage are using the network effectively. There are certain ways users can benefit from LinkedIn far more than by simply posting a resume online and allowing others to see their skills.

Below are three points to keep in mind when using LinkedIn. By incorporating these tips into your LinkedIn strategy, you can rest assured that it will not be long before you start to truly benefit from LinkedIn.

Follow Influencers

Influence is important on any social channel, but it is of particular interest on LinkedIn. Influencers on the business social network are industry influencers. They share great content, have large audiences of like-minded followers and provide lots of insights and wisdom.

Once you follow your industry influencers, be sure to check up on your LinkedIn profile regularly to see what great content is being shared by these folks. Read it, comment and engage and be an active part of the conversation.

Spend Time in Your Groups

Just as you do with your influencers, you should be commenting on, liking and engaging with posts in your groups.

Groups are an extremely important and beneficial feature of LinkedIn. While you should join and be active in as many as possible (the maximum is 50), you should pay attention to where you are finding the best content and where your content is most appreciated, and make those few your top priorities.

People are constantly engaging in group discussions and reading articles shared, and it is important to your LinkedIn success that you do so, as well.

Endorsements and Recommendations

Have you found someone’s content particularly insightful, or worked with someone that was truly an expert in their field? Endorse them for their skills and recommend their work to others.

Though endorsements and recommendations are fairly simple to give, they can go a long way and help you increase the power of your connections. Letting others know that you find someone to be particularly good at something can lead to both those you are endorsing and their connections looking at your profile and possibly endorsing, recommending or even reaching out to you to do business.

These three tips are important to keep in mind if you want to fully benefit from LinkedIn.

What other LinkedIn tips can you think of? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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