Social Media Crisis Management [INFOGRAPHIC]

What are some of the most important steps to take when it comes to social media crisis management?

We always hope that there is never a need for social media crisis management when it comes to our brand. After all, we never like the idea of something going wrong and finding our brand at the center of a negative discussion. However, these things happen and they are usually (one would hope) out of our control when they do.

When crisis does strike and our brand is left with a flurry of negative conversation to deal with, it is important that there is a strategy in place. Simply ‘playing it by ear’ is not going to work in such cases. Without a strategy, before you know it, the issue will be far beyond any controllable level, and you will have to simply hope that the repercussions are not too detrimental.

In the infographic below from Tatu Digital, a few simple but important steps are highlighted. Whenever it comes to social media crisis management, this checklist should be observed, as it might be the key to keeping your brand above water.

Take a look at the data and let us know which step you think is most important when it comes to handling a crisis on social media. Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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