What You Need to Know About Showcase Pages on LinkedIn

Showcase Pages on LinkedIn are designed to help get the right information out to specific users.

LinkedIn Company Pages are a great asset, but if you are familiar with all of the features of LinkedIn Company Pages then you understand how they might limit a larger corporation’s ability to showcase different divisions or subsidiaries. With the new Showcase Pages on LinkedIn, that is no longer the case.

showcase pages on linkedin

The idea behind this new feature is to give large companies the ability to showcase a specific product or service as a standalone part of the company. These Showcase Pages will also have the ability to publish unique updates and allow users to follow them individually as opposed to following the whole company. So, in the case of a company like Sony, they can have Showcase Pages for PlayStation that only shares content about the console and another one for their televisions. This way users can follow only what interests them. This also helps companies in understanding their audiences quite a bit better.

So how can your brand use these Showcase Pages on LinkedIn?

All About Organization

Sure, this seems to make the most sense for very large companies with several divisions, but don’t feel like your brand can’t benefit from it as well.

Even smaller companies can use these Showcase Pages, you just need to properly segment your company. If you offer multiple services or products, it might be beneficial to segment them in your Services tab, then create a Showcase Page for your most popular or most profitable product or service.

Use Them Properly

Few things look worse than a page (on any network) that is not being properly utilized. People familiar with social channels can spot these misuses right away and it reflects poorly on the brand. The same is going to apply to these Showcase Pages.

Do not create a Showcase Page for every single product you offer. What’s more, seriously consider if the Showcase Page is even going to make sense to you. Research the feature than make an educated decision as to whether or not it works and, if it does, how you can use it.

Plan Your Content

The content you share to your Showcase Page should be relevant to the product or service you are trying to showcase. Don’t simply share the same content you are sharing on your personal profile or to your Company Page. This should be relevant to the audience that choses to follow your product as opposed to your company as a whole.

A New Type of Advertising

Companies can advertise on Showcase Pages.

There are two types of ads that exist for Showcase Pages: Follower Ads that are aimed at increasing the number of followers for a Showcase Page and Sponsored Updates, which promote the content shared by a Showcase Page. This is a great way to feature your brand’s expertise and drive leads to a LinkedIn landing page with all the information they are going to need to know all about it.

Do you plan on using Showcase Pages on LinkedIn? Tell us about the product or service you are going to feature in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. papierpop
    papierpop says:

    I do enjoy the new features made available, but I find that they aren’t as user-friendly as you would think. I would like them to streamline their design or navigation in such a way that it doesn’t feel like you have to research a new function in order to start using it.

    As a freelancer I would probably not make use of the Showcase Pages unless I would decide to separate my skills into different pages. I do feel that this feature is very beneficial to those in the recruitment and marketing sector.

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