How to Create LinkedIn Ads that Generate Results

LinkedIn Ads are a great way to reach large audiences of professionals and generate new exposure for your brand.

how to create a linkedin ads campaignAs with any platform that offers an advertising model, LinkedIn Ads can really give your brand a boost when it comes to reaching new audiences. However, considering the detailed nature of the professional network, LinkedIn Ads allow you to target audiences in a far more specific way than any other social ad platform.

Consider your Facebook profile, then compare it to your LinkedIn profile. On Facebook, you might leave out your work details, education, and keep your interests private. That can make it pretty hard for an advertiser to include you in their targeted campaign. However, on LinkedIn, we go out of our way to tell people where we went to school, what our work history looks like, every detail about what we do now, and by showcasing groups in which we are members, we tell everyone what we are interested in professionally. When it comes to LinkedIn Ads, that’s a gold mine of information.

Next time your decide to run a LinkedIn Ads campaign to promote your Company Page, take some of these tips into account to generate great results.

Study Your Audience

In the ‘Analytics’ tab on your LinkedIn Company Page, you can learn a lot about the people that have looked at your brand.

If you scroll down, you can see exactly what the ratios are for your brand’s fans in terms of the industries in which they work, their level of seniority, their company size, industry and more. Figure out what your most active audience looks like and create ads targeted to those demographics. Clearly, your message resonates with people who fit that criteria.

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Leverage Competitor Insights

In the ‘Insights’ tab on your company page, you can see what other Company Pages your fans have followed or visited. Do a little research and see what your competitors are doing. Not only can this give you some idea of what the competitive landscape looks like, it can also provide useful reminders to include information you might have forgotten.

If you are sharing an audience with someone, you want to ensure that you are sharing as much information as possible and then some.

Use Your Targeting

As noted above, targeting your LinkedIn Ads is far more extensive than most networks out there. Take advantage of every section that exists. Even if you do not have your Company Page insights at your disposal, use the targeting options for A-B testing.

Target different industries, skills, locations, ages and more in order to ensure that the most specific audience is seeing your ads. When it comes to testing, this is a great way to determine what types of ads resonate with different demographics, and which audiences are most engaged with your content.

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Sponsor Your Most Popular Content

As with Facebook and Twitter ads, you can promote different posts to broad audiences on LinkedIn.

When looking at your Company Page stats, find the articles that reached the largest audience and had the highest engagement rates. Then, promote that content to your targeted audience and grow your follower base. This is a great way to not only increase your audience size, but showcase your excellent content.

Follow these simple steps next time you are running a LinkedIn Ads campaign and you will be sure to see some great results!

Have you created a LinkedIn Ads campaign? How did it go? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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