6 Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Pages

There are certain best practices for LinkedIn Company Pages that brands need to adhere to in order to generate engagement and business.

best practices for linkedinLinkedIn is a fantastic resource wherein professionals can showcase their expertise and highlight their strengths. For businesses, Company Pages provide a hub where brands can outline services, engage with prospects and ultimately, drive brand awareness and sales. In order to do that, however, there are certain best practices for LinkedIn that these brands needs to follow.

The six simple best practices detailed below should help brands harness the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer.

Fill Out Every Section

Your page consists of a services section, where you can highlight the services your brand offers and share pictures that make your page more aesthetically pleasing and more dynamic. Do not leave anything out. Your page is there to showcase your brand and all that you offer. Let potential clients know what you can do!

Be Relevant

Keep in mind that unlike Facebook or Google+, LinkedIn is all about business. Your LinkedIn Company Page is not a place to share the same type of content you would share to your Facebook page. Sure, there will be some overlap, but you only want to be sharing content that your audience will find relevant. Remember, they followed your brand because they like the professional content that you share.

Separate Content Schedule

You might find that sharing 20 updates to Twitter per day works for your brand, and a half a dozen Facebook updates generates quite a bit of engagement. LinkedIn is going to be a rather different story. People following your brand on LinkedIn are not going to appreciate being bombarded with content throughout the day. A less frequent content schedule is going to be adequate on LinkedIn.

Engage with Your Audience

Monitor your page’s activity to see what type of content is generating clicks, shares and comments and engage with your audience. LinkedIn recently made it possible to post content and comments as a page. Take advantage of this feature and make your brand’s presence known. Just because LinkedIn is all about business, does not mean it is any less social!

Create Market-Specific Pages

LinkedIn allows users to create landing pages on their Company Page for specific market segments. Say, for example, that you offer certain services to the retail industry and another set of services for the manufacturing industry. When users from these two industries visit your LinkedIn Company Page, they can land on pages that have been designed specifically for their industry. Not only does this provide them with the best user experience, but it also helps reflect your brand’s diversity and attention to customer needs.

Pay Attention to Your Analytics

On your Company Page, you have the ability to monitor all of the analytics on your posts. See what has generated clicks and comments, and what was ignored by your audience. Modify your content strategy as you would on any other network in order to ensure that you are only sharing content that your audience finds most valuable.

These six best practices for LinkedIn Company Pages should help you increase the activity and business you see on LinkedIn.

How else are you optimizing your LinkedIn strategy? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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