3 Steps to Getting Started with Twitter

What are the 3 key steps every brand should take when getting started with Twitter?

getting started with twitterWhen you are getting started with Twitter, there are a few steps that must be taken in order for your page to look and work for you.

Below are the three steps that every brand should take before really getting started with Twitter marketing.

Complete Every Section

You create your Twitter account and are walked through several steps before you can start tweeting. These are not for nothing!

It is important that you fill out every one of your sections for several reasons. First, sharing links in your profile will help increase the ease with which followers can click through to your website or blog. Your about section also help with Twitter searches and SEO. With the right use of keywords in your Bio, it will be much easier for users to find your page.

Geo-targeting your tweets (and account) can be a very beneficial tool for local businesses trying to garner international attention. The ability for users to look you up by proximity means that it will be much easier to build a geo-targeted audience and help them find you.

Personalize Your Page

You have the option to include a profile image, a background image and a header image on your Twitter page. Take advantage of all three!

You can add valuable information to your background on the left-hand column. You can include specials, calls-to-action, your physical location(s) and anything else you would like your audience to know. Your background image can be an extension of your profile bio, or an image that tells the audience more about your brand.

Your profile image is your headshot. This is the first thing people see when they look at your profile and you don’t want to appear as nothing but an egg. The general assumption is egg=spam. Nothing hurts your brand more than having users think you’re a spambot.

Lastly, take advantage of your cover header image. Put something together that is both creative and a resourceful use of the space. Like the background image, your header is an extension of your profile, and allows you to do more than a short 140 character tweet might allow.

Hint: your profile image should be 150x150px (shows up at 80x80px), your background should be 2500x1600px with a 200px left border, and your header image must be 520x260px.

Segment Your Followers

Twitter Lists are a very under-utilized resource that can be very beneficial to your Twitter strategy.

When getting started with Twitter, create lists and segment your followers right from the get-go. If you find potential customers, put them into a list. Industry influencers should make up another list, and so on. When your followers are all given a clearly designated segment, you can send targeted messages to each. You can send promotional tweets to engaged potential customers and share an informative blog with your industry influencers.

Lists are a great way to drive targeted traffic from Twitter, and few brands use them effectively. Don’t miss out on the many uses of lists!

Keep these three steps in mind when getting started with Twitter and you will find that the network is about much more than sharing more than people might want to hear. There are many business applications to Twitter and these three important things will help you derive these benefits.

What other important beginner steps can you think of for Twitter? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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