4 Content Types that Generate Engagement on Pinterest

What types of content should you be sharing in order to generate engagement on Pinterest?

engagement on pinterestWe have all heard of the tremendous benefits associated with Pinterest. Not only is it one of the fastest growing social networks around, but it is one of the leading sources of referral traffic for businesses that use it. That said, it is only those businesses that are generating engagement on Pinterest that are reaping these benefits.

If you are sharing content and no one is talking about it, you might miss out on all that Pinterest has to offer. Take a look at the tips below to find out what types of content produce the most engagement on Pinterest, and try and apply them to your own content strategy.

Personalized Content

People want to know what makes you tick. Whether you are a brand or an individual, you should be sharing content that expands your profile. Do not simply share business-related images and videos. Show people who you are and humanize your brand.

Take Victory Jewelry, for example. In addition to boards that showcase their pieces, they also have a board of mermaids, and pictures from the ocean. When people can see into your brand a little bit more, they will have a much easier time connecting with it.

Customized Content

Engagement on Pinterest is a two-way street – that’s for sure. You will want to get out there and share the content of others if you expect to have your own content shared. That said, people will also want to see some original content.

Original content is one of the easiest ways to share embedded links, as it doesn’t require the process of going into an image and changing anything. Custom content also shows people your creative side and, once again, can help humanize a brand.

Optimized Content

Laziness is very apparent on Pinterest. If you share images with no descriptions, no links, no tags or, if you are an ecommerce business, no prices, people can tell that you are no putting much effort into your Pinterest marketing.

Be sure to optimize your content in every way so that people can both see that you care and find you more easily! Don’t make the mistake of hurting your chances to get found with Pinterest!

Resourceful Content

Infographics, tutorials, instructions and other resourceful content is great for generating engagement on Pinterest. People are more inclined to comment, share or click on content that they find useful. Whenever you can, try and share content that people can use and not simply enjoy looking at (although that is very important, as well).

What other types of content do you think is useful for generating engagement on Pinterest? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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