social media update

Social Media Update: What’s New?

Every so often, there are so many major announcements and changes in the world of social media, that a simple industry-wide update is needed.

With everything from Instagram to Google+ changes being announced lately, it seems harder than ever to keep up with what’s happening in the social media marketing world. This list breaks down what marketers need to know in order to stay on top of the social media game.

social media update

Instagram Ads Open to the Public

We recently discussed Instagram ads and how this announcement is going to open a whole new world for marketers. It is no secret that Instagram is a powerful tool, and that power has now increased exponentially with this announcement from the company.

Google+ is Disappearing

Though it is not completely dead, Google+ is slowly (but very surely) pulling out of the spotlight. This has been made apparent by the fact that other Google products no longer require the Google+ profile sign in. It is safe to say that it won’t be long before Google+ is broken down even further (Photos, Streams, etc.) and all we are left with is some version of the +1. While there is still some value to sharing content (from an SEO standpoint) paying close attention to the network won’t seem to yield great results moving forward.

LinkedIn Creates a Messenger

It is no secret that LinkedIn has long had one of the worst messaging platforms of any social network. While the intention (as a business-oriented social network) was to make it seem like an email dashboard, it wound up feeling clunky and outdated. Finally, LinkedIn has updated their messaging system so it feels more like a live chat than a series of disjointed and unnecessarily professional messages.

Improved Facebook Ad Dashboard

As the first social network with an ad dashboard it should come as no surprise that Facebook’s latest update to its ad management system makes it the most powerful of any social advertising dashboard on the market. The simplicity and user-friendliness make it a marketers dream, and on the agency side, it has quickly become the best to work with (with regards to segmenting campaigns and producing reports).

Facebook Messenger for Businesses

Slowly but surely, Facebook is making use of its assets. Another new feature on the network is the ability for businesses and customers to interact privately in Facebook Messenger. For a long time, detailed customer service issues have been a problem since interaction between consumers and brands have been done publicly on an open message board. Now, Facebook is providing a space where customer service can be taken to new heights.

Twitter Makes Ads Easier

Another major move forward for marketers (particularly on the agency side) is the new ability for marketers to edit Twitter ads in bulk with their new ad manager system. Twitter ads offer great value when it comes to interest and behavioral targeting, and the TV targeting is second to none. Now, with this update, marketers can rejoice at the amount of time it will save managing campaigns.

While plenty has taken place (much more than what is listed here) these are a few of the updates that marketers need to be aware of and should be most excited about. What other changes are you looking forward to?