Social Equity: A-B Testing on Social Media

What value can A-B Testing on social media add to your business?

a-b testing on social mediaLast week, we discussed the value added to your business from Responsive Branding in our Social Equity segment. This week, we are going to look at a similar concept: A-B testing on social media.

When putting together a campaign, branding initiative, launching a new logo or simply figuring out which content generates the highest engagement, you might have several options to choose from. Social media adds a considerable amount of ease to the decision-making process, and that saves you time and money.

New Techniques

Focus groups are expensive and time consuming. And even after creating a questionnaire, putting a campaign together and making a decision based on the opinions of a selected group of people, you still may not have the data you are looking for.

A-B testing on social media offer a new type of focus group. You have two company slogans and you are not sure will generate a better response form your audience. What can you do to figure it out? Instead of going the conventional focus group route, why not reach out to the people that are actually your fans?

People who have liked your page or followed your brand online are more likely to provide you with honest, useful answers. Furthermore, you will be able to aptly apply the data knowing that your audience made the decision for you!

Social Equity

In our piece about Responsive Branding, we noted that your brand needs to be able to adapt to the market in real time. There is no longer the option of reactive marketing techniques. By evolving with the tastes and preferences of your audience, you stand to keep in touch with them in a much more personal way than the competitor who ignores the audience.

Reaching out to your market provides you with valuable insights. The costs saved (noted above) can grow considerably, and by the time certain changes are implemented, it might be too late to recoup those investments. A-B testing on social media offers fast, reliable ways to circumvent these costs and generate significant returns.

Is your brand testing content and initiatives on social media? How has the strategy worked for you? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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