The Numbers Behind Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

The numbers in this infographic help explain why Twitter’s IPO is such big news.

Last week, the biggest news to come out of the world of social media was undoubtedly that Twitter announced its IPO. The microblogging platform is looking to raise $1 billion, and the numbers behind Twitter help justify that price tag. One of our loyal blog subscribers shared this infographic with us.

For a long time, a certain stigma has been associated with Twitter by those that did not (and do not want to) understand it. It was seen as a hub for celebrities to tell the world what they were eating, and devoted fans to reach out to them. Anyone familiar with the network knows that this is not the case.

The numbers behind Twitter, showcased in the infographic below, explain why the network is worth every penny that it is looking to get. There are over two billion searches on Twitter every day. On Thursdays, the popular #ThrowBackThursday hashtag has the potential to reach over 30 million users. A proper Twitter strategy can mean major reach for the right brands.

With the new advertising features Twitter has rolled out, business applications are certainly growing.

Take a look at the infographic below and let us know which fact or figure you find most interesting. Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

The Numbers Behind Twitter
Source: The Numbers Behind Twitter