Web Behavior Shifts 2015

How Web Behavior Shifted in 2015 [Infographic]

AddThis created a great infographic to showcase how desktop and mobile web behavior shifted across the globe in 2015.

It’s not too surprising to see that one major web behavior shift has to do with the continued rise of mobile. At this point, the numbers (though still very impressive) are not surprising. Mobile is becoming more commonplace, though this infographic from AddThis clearly shows that this trend is not universal. There are still several regions around the world where desktop is still largely favored, but the regions where this is true decreases every year.

What is perhaps most interesting (from a marketing standpoint) is the regional breakdown of the five most active markets for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn above the norm. This gives some important insight into where international marketing initiatives might have a higher impact, and how best to allocate some of those international resources in order to ensure that they provide the greatest return possible.

Take a look at all of these interesting facts and figures in the infographic below.

Web Behavior Shifts 2015