5 Best Types of Blog Content

There are certain types of blog content that are going to generate some much better results than others – for any blog.

best types of blog contentIt’s no secret that blogs are a great way to increase business, showcase your expertise and ramp up your search rankings, but there are just some types of blog content that perform better than others.

It’s simple: there are things people like to read, and others that they do not. In this list are the five best types of blog content to share, regardless of the industry you are writing for. (Some people may have different opinions of what the best types of blog content are, but these are almost certain to be right up there, at least in the average blogging expert’s top 10.)

‘Best Of’ Posts

When is the last time you looked up a ‘Worst Of’ list when trying to choose among your the options you had available? Probably never.

People love ‘Best Of’ lists because it provides insights that they might not have otherwise known about. When trying to choose the best platform on which to publish your blog, you are probably going to type ‘Best Blogging Platform’ into your search engine and choose among the top results.

This should apply when writing your articles as well; people are always interested in knowing what the best options are.

Oppositional Posts

When you read a headline that completely contradicts everything you’ve ever thought, aren’t you at least a little interested in reading more? Think about it.

If you saw an article pop up on your search results or on a Facebook or Twitter feed that read ‘Why blogging will lead to the end of your business’, don’t you think you might be inclined to read about it? People like to get every perspective they can on a subject. Even if they do not agree with you, they might still be inclined to see why you are making your argument.

Practical Advice

When you have no idea what to do, maybe an unbiased third party has the answer.

Write an article that shares some practical advice that relates to your subject matter. Helpful insights are always appreciated by blog readers regardless of the field in which the blog categorizes itself.


Why do you think websites like Yelp! or TripAdvisor have become so incredibly popular? People like to read reviews. Rotten Tomatoes is an aggregator for several reviews – both professional and personal – and it has become huge!

Before diving into something that someone might not be very familiar with, reading an honest review might be helpful. If your blog shares some of those honest reviews, you can certainly expect to capture some readers’ attention.


You’re reading this article, aren’t you?

Some of the most popular content on blogs today are lists that name the ‘Top #’ or the ‘Worst #’. People are always interested in reading lists – much like the ‘Best Of’ but a little more broad – to learn more about a particular subject or field.

Write with some of the types of content in mind and it won’t be long before you start to see your blog posts grow in popularity. This is, of course, assuming you are promoting them correctly!

What types of blog posts do you think do the best job of grabbing an audience’s attention? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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