4 Methods to Build Your Influence on Social Media

When it comes to growing your social business, one thing you’re going to want to leverage is your influence on social media.

Influence on social media can be valuable to helping build your brand online. But attaining a level of influence on social media that makes an impact with your target audience can be a tough thing to accomplish.

Though there are several ways to go about building your influence on social media, these are a few techniques that can help you get there much sooner rather than later.

A few ways to build influence on social media

Write What You Know Best

It has been proven time and time again that blogging can be a hugely valuable online asset. One way to build your credibility online is to write avidly on a topic you know a whole lot about.

While some studies have shown that writing multiple blogs per day can have exceptional SEO value, it is not a necessity for every brand. What you really want to do is write periodically when you know you have a great bit of content that will resonate with the audience you’re trying to reach.

What’s more, you’ll want to ensure that when you write, you’re as detailed as possible. The best rule to follow is a 70-30 split; share 70% of your knowledge and leave your audience wanting that extra 30%. This is an excellent technique for building influence, credibility and driving new business all with one technique.

Answer Questions

On sites like Quora, Blurtit and Yahoo!, people are asking questions hoping, in some cases, that an expert will provide them with an answer. Spend some time on these sites and share your insights. It will certainly be noticed.

Sites like these are ideally designed to let you showcase your expertise. People are asking questions to which you might be able to provide a detailed answer. The key in a case like this is being as detailed as possible.

Unlike a tweet or even a Facebook post, people are posting to these sites because they want a detailed answer. So take some time and really provide your audience with as much of your insights as possible. They will be more than happy to take the time to read it.

Produce and Share Instructional Videos

If you’ve ever visited our YouTube channel, then you might have seen our Q&A with t2 video segment. There, we answer questions that have come in on networks like Twitter or LinkedIn from our audience.

These have proven to be excellent resources for building credibility. Again, this is an area that is ideal for sharing expertise. Look at any content direction recommendations, and you will almost always see a recommendation that suggests the use of videos. Your audience like to see, not always read.

Videos are an excellent way of getting valuable information to your audience, humanizing your brand with the face of an employee, and, of course, building your influence and authority.

Interview Experts

Expert interviews carry a lot of weight. That is particularly true when it comes to building credibility and establishing your own level of expertise.

When an audience sees that you have the clout to command an interview with an industry expert, the impression left is one that reflects on your own expertise. There is an understanding that if you can carry a conversation with an established expert, you must be an expert yourself.

Whenever you get a chance, conduct interviews – either on your blog, on YouTube or in a podcast format – and your audience will see it as a reflection on your own industry influence.


There are several ways to build your credibility online and establish your brand as an industry or thought leader, and as the examples above indicate, a key part of that is dedication.

It takes time and involvement to grow influence on social media. But when you take that time and partake in these activities, your influence on social media will grow at a much faster rate.

How do you build influence on social media? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!