Make Use of the New Features on Pinterest

An announcement was made last week about new features on Pinterest, and there are plenty of ways marketers can take advantage of them.

new features on pinterestOver the last few months, there have been several new features on Pinterest. The social network recognizes its own potential for business, and is doing what it can to exploit that. First, there were business accounts, then analytics and now we have a few new features on Pinterest that continue to add to the network’s value.

Additional Information

Pins now feature ways of adding more information. Whether it is detailed pricing, product information, ingredients or movies, there is a lot more involved in a pin now than there was before.

It is important to make use of everything you can when sharing content to Pinterest. Essentially, a board can be a catalog for your business’s services and products in visual form, and you want people to get all the information they can. Before these updates, you could simply embed a link to a landing page or your website into a pin, now you can make your pin the landing page, and that is a huge bump from where it was.

Make use of all the information you are allowed to share on your new pins. Showcasing everything you can will mean fewer  steps involved in the buying process, and if it is easier for your buyer, your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Mobile Capabilities

9 mobile apps now have a “Pin It” button integrated into the product. This means that mobile users can now pin what they see from their phones. If you are sharing images with these networks, you will want to optimize them for Pinterest.

Mobile is of ever-increasing importance. People are interacting on mobile devices more and more every day, and if you are not using the new features on Pinterest to take advantage of that, then you are missing out – big time.

Essentially, Pinterest is trying to make a real use for the platform. Sure, sharing photos is great, but for a company that has raised several hundred million in capital, they are going to need to start generating a revenue somehow. Optimizing their platform for businesses is a great way to do it, and before they start charging for these excellent features, you should be taking advantage of them for free.

Do you plan on using the new features on Pinterest?  Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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