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The key to any successful social media program is a strategy.

Social Business Strategy

The cornerstone of a successful social media presence is a detailed strategy that begins with the identification of your goals. A well defined strategy goes far beyond the management of your daily social posts and takes into account the impact your social activity will have on sales, marketing, customer service, business operations, product development, PR and human relations.

Social strategy must be designed with the intent of improving business efficiency, customer relations and bottom line results. Social media can be a powerful tool and with careful planning and execution, a progressive and broad-minded social strategy can provide significant and measurable results for your business.

Audit and Optimization

Your social business is a constantly evolving and ever changing. This ongoing state of change requires a steady stream of attention, observation and improvement. In order to address these challenges, t2 has developed a unique auditing process and optimization program designed to ensure that your activity on social media is constantly working to meets your goals.

Our Social Media & Strategy Audit evaluates all current activities on social media and measures your brand’s presence and impact on social networks and within social communities. Each Social Media & Strategy Audit is tailored to evaluate a business based on the goals and objectives it has laid out for itself with regards to running a social media program in relation to its corporate and marketing objectives.

Audit your social media program and engage in ongoing optimization.
How can you create a content strategy that leads to successful content marketing?

Content Strategy and Marketing

Content strategy is a key component of your social marketing program. Building a successful content program using SEO, messaging and optimal channel identification benefits your business in many areas including SERP rankings, visitor interaction and market reach.

Content strategy takes effort, attention and a keen understanding of your audience and the market in which you operate. Content strategy focuses on the format you want your content to take while content marketing addresses the message you want your audience to hear. Bringing these elements together ensures that your content marketing delivers optimum results.

Social Advertising

Carefully planned and well executed social advertising delivers powerful opportunities for increased customer targeting, higher conversion rates and improved measurability, all at significantly lower costs than traditional advertising channels.

Understanding the full potential of social advertising can be challenging and understanding how to capitalize on the benefits offered by various social channels requires the knowledge of an experienced team of marketers. Few brands have adopted the power of social advertising, but we have made it a high priority. We understand the full potential of a successful social advertising program and we make it a key component of your social media strategy.

Tips to Boost a Facebook Post

Reputation Management

92% of consumers trust recommendations made to them online. At the same time, 70% of consumers trust review sites. Your reputation matters. A positive online reputation is critical to the long term success of your business. What are people saying about you? Why are they saying it? Where is it being said? And how is it impacting your business?

When it comes to social media, who’s monitoring the discussion about your brand? Our experienced team of reputation experts is ready to assist in the management and improvement of your brand’s social reputation.

Measurement and Return on Investment

John Wanamaker is credited with saying that half his ad dollars were wasted, he just didn’t know which half. Social media changes this notion with the ability to measure virtually every action across almost all of your channels.

Establishing benchmarks against which your program can be measured. Knowing how, when and where your audience interacts with your message. The ability to gather data and analyze analytics across numerous touch points. Social media activity and the resulting outcomes are measurable and offer the ability to modify your programs and activities in real time in order to take advantage of newly discovered opportunities.

t2 creates social media strategy and corresponding programs that measure ROI against KPI’s and pre established benchmarks.

Measurement and ROI is an important feature in social media.
Let our team help you become a social media expert.

Consulting and Best Practices

The socialsphere is in a constant state of flux; always moving, always changing. New opportunities and technologies appear while others vanish. Innovations occur so quickly that it can be a challenge to keep up with the pace of change.

The t2 team is headed by experienced marketers, social media strategists and industry certified experts. We speak at conferences around the world on the topic of social media and we share that knowledge and expertise in every client project. We consult with and train clients on current best practices and social media in general and our approach to consulting and training is unique and hands on.

Get in touch and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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