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Finding your social data through data mining

Data Mining

There is a world of data that exists just a few clicks away. Within it are insights that can provide you with virtually unparalleled value. Using our technology and proprietary methods, we extract those insights from every corner of the web in order to build goal-oriented strategies and campaigns.

Your brand’s data can be intimidating at first glance, but the possibilities that can stem from its use are virtually limitless. Imagine having the ability to structure initiatives and strategies – both on and offline – based on the tastes and preferences of your target audience. That is the power that is offered with your data, and it all starts by mining it from its sources.

Data Dissection and Analysis

Finding the data is only the beginning. Intense dissection and analysis is required in order to make sense of the vast amounts of information collected. Through the identification of outliers, influential points and correlations, a detailed program can be developed and executed.

As millions of data points are collected and mined every day, it is important to both understand what is being extracted and know where resources should be devoted in order to capitalize on opportunities.

The dissection and analysis processes are designed to do exactly that: make the most out of the data that has been collected.

Dissecting data and analyzing big data for correlations.

Econometric Modelling

With a team of experts in the field of econometrics, we looked at how we could apply certain models to a brand’s data sets. With so much information, our assumption was that there existed troves of opportunities once the data was properly analyzed.

Econometric modelling has allowed our team to pinpoint what we refer to as high-value outliers and correlative data, which in turn allow for a highly effective program to be developed for a given brand or period. Opportunities can also be identified where we did not know they existed.

Taking these datasets – both structured and unstructured – and looking for the value that exists through the leveraging of these models is a unique approach that has produced extremely successful results.

Responsive Branding

We are all quite familiar with the concept of responsive design on websites: a website designed to fit any device in order to maximize the viewing experience for the audience. But what if you could use your data in order to create a campaign that you knew would resonate with your target audience?

That is the idea behind our proprietary concept of Responsive Branding; using your insights to build campaigns that generate results. Through the identification of opportunities in the analysis of your data, campaigns and sub-strategies can be identified and refined in order to ensure that they resonate with the intended audience. Your data takes a considerable amount of the guesswork out of the creation and optimization of a marketing, advertising or branding campaign.

Using Responsive Branding to build your brand effectively.

Market Research

There was a time when focus groups, surveys and polls were the best methods available to understand an audience. Now, your audience is coming to you – you just have to be listening.

Market research now involves the use of these data in order to better understand the people you are trying to reach. What’s more, market research through the use of your data allows for a much more narrowed set of parameters when defining your audience.

People are telling you everything you could ever want to know about themselves. By listening to and monitoring conversations, touchpoints and key demographic information, you can devote your resources to much more effective form of market research that all begins with your data.

Opportunity Mining

Within our data exist virtually endless opportunities – the key is knowing how to find them. Using the methods we have developed, this is made significantly easier, and the proof is in the results.

An unstructured data set is difficult to comb through and offers little in the way of clear value, but it is no secret the value is there. We employ a series of techniques in order to pinpoint where an opportunity exists and implement the necessary strategies in order to effectively exploit this opportunity.

Opportunities may come in the form of conversation trends, competitor slip-ups, tangential conversations or even new, previously untapped demographics. Whatever the case, we aim to capitalize on it before any competitors have the chance.

Opportunity Mining
Data Governance and Big Data

Data Governance

Your data can become overwhelming and, if left unmanaged, can become more a burden than an asset. We employ strict data governance in order to ensure that all the information collected and assessed remains on par with your brand or organization’s goals, both in the short and long terms.

These methods and restrictions are put in place in order to ensure that the track set at the outset of a program is not changed. Of course, the beauty of data is that it can lead you in a new direction – a more successful direction. But the overall business or organizational goals that dictate how day-to-day activities are conducted cannot be forgotten.

For this reason, a customized structure is put in place when collecting and analyzing data, keeping these objectives in mind.

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