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Consulting with strategy

Implementation Consulting

Once our team of experts have developed a data-centric and goal-oriented marketing plan for your organization, we will work closely with your team in order to ensure that each element is being implemented properly.

Following the delivery of a plan, a schedule will be developed and closely followed in order to address each of the aspects a strategy has touched upon. Time is also segmented in order to ensure that any additional questions from your team are dealt with to your satisfaction.

A marketing, media and advertising strategy is a valuable asset, but it is made significantly more powerful when your team fully understands how it should be executed.

Segment Training

For several marketers and marketing departments, one of the major issues that arises relates to a lack of expertise in a specific area or medium. We have teams of certified experts to help when it comes to training for these specific segments.

Whether you require assistance in the fields of big data, market research, social media, paid advertising, media planning, buying, Google Analytics or other areas, our team of qualified professionals is capable of sharing its expertise in order to ensure that your team can implement its program effectively.

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New Media Advertising t2 Consulting

New Media Ad Training

We’re currently living in a Golden Age of digital advertising, and one of the reasons for that is the fact that so few companies are properly leveraging all of the opportunities that exist within these new media.

We have forged an industry-leading expertise in the field of new media advertising. From Google AdWords to social advertising on networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we have developed programs and proprietary applications that have yielded exceptional results for our clients.

The training offered in the areas of new media advertising allow you to take control of your programs and fully comprehend how you can begin running ad campaigns that achieve your goals in the shortest timeframe possible.

Learn more about our new media advertising expertise here.

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