Success starts with a plan

An in-depth understanding your brand, objectives, corporate structure, market landscape and the needs and wants of your audience set the foundation for building your strategic plan.

Understanding Your Objectives

We consider several foundational elements when developing your marketing and communications strategy – whether your goal is to create, re-create or build upon your established brand awareness, engage more effectively with target audiences, drive traffic, leads and sales, or establish your position as a thought leader in your industry. These elements guide the creation of your strategic plan, campaigns and dictate media choices.

Audit and Optimization

Using a data-centric approach, our Digital Media & Strategy Audit allows us to measure your brand’s presence and impact across digital media and within social communities. The audit features an in-depth analysis of your audience and the basis upon which they have been selected and segmented; an evaluation of content strategies, media choices and messaging for each audience segment; audience engagement levels and sentiment in relation to specific types of messaging or campaigns; brand positioning; and an overall program evaluation relative to stated objectives and established KPIs. Once the audit is complete, we provide concrete recommendations and strategies to optimize performance.


At the core of our branding and marketing programs are strategies aimed at aligning your brand with the needs and expectations of the audiences you want to reach. We use a variety of insights and methodologies to identify the most effective strategies for building brand recognition, awareness and loyalty, and positioning your organization as the number one resource when it comes to the products, services, information or the experience your audience seeks.

Plan Development

Understanding the goals and objectives of your brand along with the data obtained from the Digital Media & Strategy Audit sets out the foundation for the creation of a data-supported digital business plan. Our marketing plans provide a comprehensive roadmap to expand audiences within each identified audience segment; identify optimal channels and content strategies; recommend programs and campaigns aimed at building relationships and loyalty; include test campaigns to support proposed directions; identify KPIs relative to objectives and provide recommendations for tools and technologies for program implementation and performance measurement. Our strategies are aimed at getting your audience to take notice, develop a meaningful connection to your brand and most importantly, take action.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Determining key performance indicators at the outset of the program helps keep you on track and measure results.  There are two types of KPIs that we analyze: Tangible KPIs, which represent distinct measures – like growth or engagement rates on a selected medium – and intangible KPIs – such as brand value and community goodwill. The latter is more conceptual in nature, but they have a significant impact on the success of your efforts. Together, we establish KPIs that that allow us – and you – to analyze and measure the success of your marketing, advertising, and communications strategies.

Consulting & Training

Our team of industry leading experts provides ongoing consultation and training programs for your internal marketing teams in order to optimize program performance once a plan has been developed.

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