Understanding the new consumer mindset

The Millennial Mindset

Marketers have a tendency to think of millennials in the context of the rigid definitions that hold them to a span of years in which they were born. In order to truly market to millennials effectively, it is crucial that they are understood in the context of a mindset, rather than an age. t2 is the world’s leading marketing consultancy when it comes to studying, understanding, and marketing to that mindset.

Marketing to Millennials for Dummies

The “For Dummies” brand is among the most recognized and widely respected publications in the world. Corey Padveen, a Partner at t2, is the author of Marketing to Millennials for Dummies, and is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable experts in the world on the subject.

Millennial Economics

Whether or not millennials are aware of their habits, they strive to maximize the economic utility of every one of their decisions. This fits into a larger trend of millennials factoring in economic theories – consciously or subconsciously – into their decision-making processes. t2’s team of experts in the field of economic statistics and econometric modeling take these realities into account when building your strategies.

Building Loyalty

While it might seem like millennials are elusive, t2 has built a reputation for helping our clients create loyalty programs and offers that create substantial, lasting relationships with a demographic that often feels difficult to pin down.

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