Engage your customer. Build your brand.

The process of building relationships

Identifying Opportunities

t2 creates comprehensive marketing strategies designed to capitalize on the opportunities presented by communications, advertising and engagement channels. Knowing who your audience is, where and when they communicate, what they want, need and expect, and the types of messaging that will resonate with them allows you to build relationships and manage the customer experience using a seamless convergence of traditional, digital and social media marketing.

Content Strategy

Audience segmentation, channel identification, timing and frequency of communications, and the development of hypertargeted, meaningful conversations with each audience segment lays the foundation for building long-term, loyal relationships and creating brand advocates.

Digital & Social Advertising

Carefully planned and well executed digital and social advertising campaigns across search and social channels deliver powerful opportunities for customer targeting, higher engagement and conversion rates, and data gathering; and all with a greater level of measurability and a significantly lower cost than traditional media.

Reputation Management

92% of consumers trust recommendations made to them online from their peers. At the same time, 70% of consumers trust review sites. Your reputation matters. A positive online reputation is critical to the long-term success of your business. What are people saying about you? Why are they saying it? Where is it being said? How are you responding? How are you harnessing the value of positive reviews, and learning from negative ones? And how are customer reviews impacting your business? Using a multi-tiered approach, t2 creates customized reputation management programs that elevate and capitalize on positive reviews and sentiment, so that they dominate in search rankings, review sites and influencer networks.

Measurement and Return on Investment

t2 creates marketing strategies and corresponding programs that measure ROI against KPIs and pre-established benchmarks. Establishing benchmarks against which your program can be measured, and then continuously analyzing data throughout the course of a campaign allows for the evaluation of a program’s performance in real time, modifying it as needed in order to ensure a positive return on investment.

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