Twitter Character Limit Opportunities

How the New Twitter Character Limit Offers New Business Opportunities

The new Twitter character limit (280; double the previous limit) and their business offering is trying to attract a new advertiser.

It’s no secret that Twitter has had its fair share of issues when it comes to sustaining profitability – even steady revenues. For advertisers, there is plenty to love when it comes to Twitter (like TV targeting, for example) but there has always been a certain evergreen element missing when it comes to the microblogging platform; a certain je ne said quoi, if you will. On this week’s earnings call, it seemed like Twitter had finally offered a relatively new and unique solution to their revenue woes, largely having to do with the Twitter character limit.

Twitter Character Limit Opportunities

What Is Twitter Offering?

Make no mistake: Twitter has tried and failed plenty of times in the last few years to attract advertisers the way that Facebook did. There have been unique structures, mobile-specific options (before Facebook commanded the mobile space) and omni-channel approaches (think Twitter TV targeting) that have all underperformed (even though some of them could have been game-changers had they been approached differently). But the current bilateral approach (or, rather, pivot) might be Twitter’s most ambitious strategy yet to attract paying customers.

Despite some of their innovative moves (again, I refer back to TV targeting, which I still maintain has huge upside when done properly) Twitter has not been a favorite for the casual advertiser. The network does, however, have a major asset of value, and that’s an algorithmic feed. In its nascent stages, marketers were fearful that this meant a major decline in organic reach, similar to what happened with Facebook. They were correct, but it has taken until now for Twitter to realize how to capitalize on this asset.

Now, Twitter is offering a monthly subscription plan for businesses and longer character limits. This presents a new opportunity for advertisers that don’t necessarily want to run a full-scale campaign but want more impressions on their important, business-driving messages.

How Can Businesses Use this Service?

With Twitter’s algorithmic feed, organic reach for businesses saw a predictable decline. By subscribing to this service, tweets can now reach a greater number of users without having to spend the time (and individual campaign budgets) building a campaign. Combine that with the ability to say more in a given tweet, and there is a lot that businesses can like.

With the right messaging structure for longer tweets, a fairly significant amount of information can be shared; just think about how much people were able to say in 140 characters. Doubling that means that you can really showcase your insights or share information about your business, and you don’t need to go too deep into the sales pitch as you might have considered with a paid campaign. This means a more natural, conversational style of content creation, and with the subscription service, a greater reach for those tweets and no need to pay on a cost-per-click basis.

What do you think about the new structure being offered by Twitter?