New Media Advertising

Your ads in a whole new space.

Google AdWords New Media Advertising

Google AdWords

Though it has been active for a number of years, Google AdWords is still is a hugely popular and viable platform on which to dedicate ad spends. Moreover, it is still very much a form of new media advertising.

Each of the team members dedicated to our AdWords campaigns are Google AdWords Certified with additional expertise’s in several disciplines on the platform. Combined with the t2Marketing proprietary bidding systems as well as our analytics expertise, AdWords campaigns are hugely effective for our clients generating positive, measurable ROI.

Display Advertising

Visual media catch users’ attention and keeps them engaged. The use of display platforms is an important component to any successful advertising strategy.

We begin by assessing your target audience and identifying their tastes and preferences. Our creative team develops the content that is designed to resonate with your key demographics, and the proof of concept is in the results.

Display ads are often overlooked in terms of their potential benefits, but through the execution of our strategic methodology, they are designed to not only capture your audience member’s attention, but drive them to take action and convert.

Video Advertising


There are few media types that hold a user’s attention like video. As a result, video ads are slowly taking up the space that was once dominated entirely by television commercials. Not only are video ads more cost effective than traditional commercial media buying, but the ability to target your audiences and measure results is a significant benefit.

We also provide the ability to overlay data-capturing, lead-generation  features as well calls-to action that can  link to a landing pages, registration pages or e-commerce platforms, all done through a CMS without the need to modify the original video.

Social Advertising

We are currently living in a Golden Age of social advertising, and that is due in large part to the fact that most brands are not effectively leveraging the space.

We have developed an industry-leading expertise in the social advertising marketplace, which includes several proprietary implementations and applications that drive the success of our campaigns. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are teaming with your audience. The key is determining where they are, how to connect with them through hypertargeted advertising, and how to optimize your strategy and budget in order to ensure that you reap the opportunity that exists with every dollar.

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