You Social Data Sources

A Few Social Data Sources

Building a comprehensive social business strategy means paying close attention to your social data sources.

The key to any successful organization’s strategy is almost certainly data-driven. That is especially true when it comes to your social business or campaign strategy. In order to find continued success, you’ll need to ensure that you have established your data as a tentpole moving forward. The only way to do that is to properly identify your social data sources and take full advantage of what they are telling you.

Data is everywhere, and each marketer might find value in a particular area that another marketer may not. That said, the three data sources outlined here (and featured in the image below, which you can feel free to share) are largely universal, and every marketer can begin taking advantage of these social data sources right away!

Owned Social Media

This might seem obvious, but for one reason or another, so many marketers refuse to dive into the mountains of data that exist right within their social channels. Of course, you have access to your page insights, but exporting and modeling your page and post data and diving further into your audience insights (using email lists, for example) can provide significantly more information. Not only will you be able to craft far more tailored messages, you will have a grander sense of your hypertargeted audience clusters, and can begin to leverage those insights in order to improve the performance of your ad campaigns, content strategies, etc.

Web Analytics

It is estimated that between 30 and 50 million websites are currently using Google Analytics. It is also very likely that you are currently using Google Analytics, or have some other web analytics system installed on your website. These dashboards are filled with important insights that can help you improve not only your marketing but your business strategies as a whole. Whether you are trying to get a better sense of your visitors’ paths, or identify what sources and content lead to a higher conversion at a lower cost, your web analytics dashboard can provide you with that information.

Tools & Technologies

Products like Brandwatch, Sysomos, Radian6 and more might be labeled as industry or social listening tools, but the reality is that they are so much more. These products are actually data collection and visualization tools that can help you vastly improve your marketing and content initiatives. They range in price – on the low end there are free options, and on the high end there are enterprise versions – but they are readily available and provide exceptional insights. What’s more, virtually any piece of technology used in order to facilitate the execution of a strategy will provide certain insights it collects, and those are often very useful while trying to consolidate your communications efforts and optimize your strategy.

To find out more about leveraging data in order to build your marketing strategy, come to my session at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Dallas, August 17th. Hope to see you there!

You Social Data Sources