In our latest how-to eBook, we breakdown how to use Snapchat for brand marketing.

The unstoppable juggernaut that is Snapchat has a lot of marketers scrambling to answer a simple question: how can we use Snapchat for brand marketing? Considering its popularity and the way in which it engages Millennials, it is an asset that virtually every marketer is trying to learn as much about as possible in order to incorporate it into a marketing strategy.

Snapchat has very deliberately made its user interface somewhat challenging to navigate. That is particularly true when it comes to marketing and advertising on the platform. What’s more, the nature of the platform is such that brands need to follow a very specific set of guidelines in order to effectively engage their audiences.

In this latest “How 2 with t2” eBook, we run through the basics of the platform, the different ways in which brands can leverage the app and its audience in order to captivate Millennials, and some of the best practices that exist when it comes to Snapchat. Click on the image on the left or on the link below to download the eBook!