Social Media: Week-in-Review, May 4, 2013

In case you missed some of the topics we covered this week, here is the social media week-in-review!

optimize your linkedin profileHow To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: 4 Tips for Success

LinkedIn can be one of your greatest business assets. However, in order to get the most out of it, you need to be properly optimizing your profile on the network. Take a look at this great set of LinkedIn optimization tips and apply them to your profile!

Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media Like a Pro

No matter how hard we try to satisfy every one of our customers, there is always a chance that someone has a complaint. And the bigger we grow, the larger that chance gets. With social media in the mix, one complaint or crisis can mean a devastating ripple effect. So to avoid this, we have put together some great tips on dealing with a crisis or negative feedback on social media!

The Importance of Influence on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

We hear about social influence all the time. There are plenty of services that help us measure our influence, but what is influence on social media, really, and why is it so important? Take a look at this information-packed infographic and find out why social influence is so important.

Case Studies best buyCase Studies: Best Buy

Everyone knows Best Buy as one of the largest electronics retailers around. But a few years ago, Best Buy decided to venture in something new and establish themselves as major social media influencers. Find out what they did, how they did it and why it was so successful in this week’s Case Studies.

Social Equity: Communities on Social Media

Why are communities on social media so important? Why are they unique and so much more beneficial than traditional business networks and communities? In this week’s Social Equity segment, we look at the value added to your business from social media communities.

Have a look through some of these great articles and enjoy your weekend!

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