Social Media: Week-in-Review, May 25, 2013

In case you missed some of the topics we covered this week, here is the social media week-in-review!

optimize landing pages for conversion t2social5 Tips to Optimize Landing Pages for Conversion

Landing pages are great resources for converting leads into customers. Whether you are looking to get them to download an ebook, register for a webinar or sign up for a demo, a landing page is going to be one of the most important steps in the process. In order for that to happen, however, you need to be optimizing your landing pages for conversion using some of these universal tips!

8 Tips for Optimizing Posts on Social Media

Sharing content across different networks with an engaged audience is one of the best ways of building exposure, influence and traffic. In order for the process to be successful, there are a few things that every marketer should keep in mind. Take a look at these 8 great tips for optimizing your content posting strategy on social media!

social media marketing cloud t2socialSocial Media Marketing Industry Report 2013 – The Highlights

Every year, the folks at Social Media Examiner put together a fantastic report highlighting some of the major findings in the realm of social media. This year was no exception, and we have featured some of the highlights from this year’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

Case Studies: Oreo

Among the memorable moments at Super Bowl XLVII were the heroic efforts by some football stars, an extended blackout that enraged social audiences, and, the biggest event for social media marketers, a tweet for the marketing team at Oreo that created some major waves in the world of social media. Take a look at this week’s Case Studies to find out what marketers can learn from Oreo’s big play.

Social Equity: The Big (Now Even Bigger) Value of Tumblr

Tumblr is a great platform for blogging to an already engaged audience, and the recent acquisition of the social network by Yahoo! gives it even more value for brands and marketers. Find out where there is value added to your business from a presence on Tumblr in this week’s Social Equity segment!

Have a look through some of these great articles and enjoy your long weekend!

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