Social Media: Week-in-Review, May 18, 2013

In case you missed some of the topics we covered this week, here is the social media week-in-review!

5 Things Brands Should Never Do On Social Media

Social media can be an exceptional tool in your arsenal when it comes to building up your business and your exposure. However, unlike the old saying, not all publicity is good publicity, particularly on social media. Take a look at these five activities that should be avoided by brands looking to succeed on social media!

social media metrics t2social4 Important Social Media Metrics

Marketers are always looking for the best ways to measure their social media programs. There are some metrics that will be looked at more closely than others, depending on your goals. However, these 4 important social media metrics are universal and should be studied over the course of any program!

How Organizations Structure Social Media Teams [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is a relatively new marketing concept, and there are still many marketers and companies wondering how social media teams and initiatives should be structured. Take a look at this detailed infographic to see how organizations are structuring their social media teams and programs!

Case Studies instagramCase Studies: Comodo

It is no secret that Instagram is notoriously filled with pictures of our food. And sometimes, meals are just so stunning they need to be photographed! Comodo, an independently-owned restaurant in New York City recognized the influence of Instagram and decided to harness its popularity to build their virality and business. Read more in this week’s Case Studies!

Social Equity: The Viral Effect

Virality is one of the most commonly measured features of a social media marketing program. It is also an important factor when determining the reach, success and power of your brand on social networks. In this week’s Social Equity segment, we look at the value added to your business from the viral effect.

Have a look through some of these great articles and enjoy your weekend!

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