Social Media: Week-in-Review, June 29, 2013

In case you missed some of the topics we covered this week, here is the social media week-in-review!

The Perfect Post on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

To call anything ‘perfect’ is a little overzealous – particularly when it comes to social media. However, there are certain features that should be a part of your posts in order to generate higher clicks, engagement and conversions. Take a look at what makes up the ‘perfect’ post on different networks in this great infographic!

features every blog post should have4 Features Every Blog Post Should Have

Every blog post is going to be a little different, but each of them should have a few things in common. The four features listed in this article will help build your audience faster, develop loyalty with your readers and give your blog that extra edge to help build your business.

Instagram Video or Vine? Which Social Video Tool is Better for Business?

Recently, Instagram released their version of Twitter’s Vine: video. While the two have some similarities – the ability to create micro videos, for instance – there is a world of difference between them. So which one is better for business? Take a look at this comparative evaluation to see whether Instagram Video or Vine is better for your business!

engage an audience Case StudiesCase Studies: H&M

While there are critics out there who claim that Google+ is a ghost town and has no value for business, the fact of the matter is that Google+ can do wonders for your business, and H&M is a clear example of that. Find out how the brand engaged a massive audience of a million users (and growing) on Google+ in this week’s Case Studies!

Social Equity: Reputation Management on Social Media

The ability to manage your reputation online can mean a lot of added value to your business. With proper reputation management on social media comes the ability to find brand loyalists where you didn’t know you had any and prevent crises from getting out of control or even happening altogether. Find out how reputation management adds value to your business in this week’s Social Equity segment!

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