Social Media: Week-in-Review, June 15, 2013

In case you missed some of the topics we covered this week, here is the social media week-in-review!

Brands on Social Media: Do You Fit In? [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is a lot of debate over whether or not there is a place for all brands in all industries on social media. Is there an audience for everyone? The reality is that there is room for every brand on social media, you just need to know where your brand fits in! Take a look at this great infographic to find out where your brand fits in on social media!

customer complaints on social media5 Tips for Dealing with Customer Complaints on Social Media

Social media has created a new avenue through which customers can reach out to brands, and that means a new avenue through which customers can complain to a brand. How we handle customer complaints on social media is crucial. There are certain ways to do it properly, and we have those methods. Find out how to properly handle customer complaints on social media.

18 Twitter and Facebook Business Facts

While the marketer in us knows exactly how important social media is to a successful marketing strategy, the businessperson in us wants to see the truth in numbers. That’s why we have compiled 18 great Twitter and Facebook business facts that should satisfy the businessperson in all of us!

Case Studies sonyCase Studies: Sony

When one thinks of Sony, Pinterest is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, the marketing team at Sony managed to take the electronics developer and turn it into a major player on the Pinterest playing field. Find out what marketers can learn from the Sony Pinterest strategy in this week’s Case Studies!

Social Equity: Social Care

Social media can be a great avenue through which customers and leads can reach out to your brand. It can also add a significant degree of value to your business! Find out how Social Care adds value to your business in this week’s Social Equity segment!

Have a look through some of these great articles and enjoy your weekend!

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