Case Studies: Honda

Find out what Honda did in order to engage their audience with an innovative Twitter and Vine campaign!

Case Studies honda vine campaignThere are a few topics that generate more engagement than most. Sometimes it is food, other times it might be the weather. But one thing that is sure to generate conversation is when you ask a group of people to vent their frustration with a certain issue.

For Honda, that issue was old cars. The car company asked fans to share why they want a new car on Twitter with the hashtag #WantNewCar.

What did these fans get? Personalized Vine video responses from real Honda employees, live and in person. This opens the door to a lot of potential fun, and humanizes a brand as large as Honda.

The campaign caught on and the results were great for Honda. So what can marketers learn from this Twitter and Vine campaign?

Be Innovative

No, Honda is not the first brand to use Vine in a social media campaign. However, there have not been many, and this is one of the more unique uses of the video app to date.

Every time you create a campaign, think of a new use for an old tool. It’s qualities like this that make a campaign exciting and encourage users to participate.

Expand Your Reach

If Honda had simply relied on getting the message out by tweeting about it, they likely would not have seen the same level of participation and success that they did.

Using Twitter, incorporating Vine and creating a simple, fun and short YouTube video to promote the campaign really helped it succeed. Streamline the process and your campaign by reaching as broad an audience as possible. This is often a trait of successful campaigns using social media, as it certainly should be.

Engage Your Audience

By reaching out to their fans and followers and encouraging them to participate in the campaign, Honda made a marketing campaign seem like a fun little project.

Find a way to involve your audience and you stand to find a lot more success. Think of a stand-up comedian. The one that stands on stage and tells knock-knock jokes might get a few laughs, but when a comedian engages the audience, asks questions, and even (on occasion) pokes a little fun, people tend to appreciate the performance quite a bit more.

Personalize Your Campaign

And how can you really get the most out of engaging your audience? Personalize the campaign for those that are loyal enough to engage back!

Honda chose to create personalized responses using video to respond to the participants. Even a gesture as simple as personalized thanks, or acknowledging your fans will go a very long way. People like to be noticed; that’s one of the driving forces behind the success of social media. Keep that in mind when putting together a campaign.

Honda did an excellent job both in the planning and execution phases of this campaign. It was well thought out and the results make that clear.

What is the most innovative campaign using social media have you create or been a part of? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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