Case Studies: SmartPak Equine

Equestrian products is not the first category to come to mind when one thinks of Case Studies, but SmartPak Equine proved that a proper strategy can work anywhere.

Case Studies smartpakSmartPak Equine – an equestrian products company – uses triggered emails to drive sales, and though it may not be the most conventional use of the platform, they have seen some tremendous success.

Before getting into the campaigns that make up this Case Studies, it is important to understand what triggered emails are. Unlike conventional automated “Welcome” or “Thank You” emails, event-triggered emails are sent out when an action or event prompts the email. For example, if I have an account, am loading products into my cart for an order and get distracted by a phone call causing me to abandon the order, an email will be sent to me that allows me to return top my cart and complete the order.

This is not always a preferred method by consumers – some find it a little too aggressive. However, SmartPak Equine noticed that their audience was responding well to these emails. Specifically, they were seeing a high level of engagement and conversion with three types of event-triggered emails: shipping reminders, product review reminders and abandoned cart reminders. (For full details on each of these three campaigns, read a breakdown here.)

These three types of triggered emails prompt further engagement with the brand’s website, encourage additional purchases and maintain brand awareness with customers to increase loyalty.

The results of this potentially risky approach has been a 28% open rate, a 5-6% clickthrough rate, a surprisingly high 11% conversion rate and a revenue per email nearly three times higher than conventional, manual email marketing.

So what can marketers learn from these event-triggered campaigns and the successes SmartPak Equine has garnered?

Understand Your Audience

This is not an email strategy that will work with every type of industry. SmartPak took the time to understand their audience, realize how niche they were and create a strategy that would appeal specifically to them.

It is crucial that you understand what your audience wants and how they interact with your brand before putting together a campaign – particularly one as aggressive as this.

Keep Your Audience Coming Back

Of the three most popular campaigns described above, two focus heavily on maintaining brand awareness with existing customers. Retaining clients and maintaining a relationship with them in order to keep them coming back is important to the long-term success of your brand. In order to ensure that this happens, you cannot rely entirely on the customer; you need to take some initiative.

Talk to your audience and customers (however and wherever possible) in order to keep your brand in mind next time they are looking to buy.

Don’t Pretend You Are Not a Business

The goal of every event-triggered email sent by SmartPak is sales. The results? 175% more revenue and 83% higher conversion rates. Social media is about being social and talking to your audience, that’s true. But a conversation will not keep you in business unless it leads to sales.

Make yourself human, talk to your audience and engage wherever you can, but use these conversations as a means of driving business.

SmartPak implemented all of these strategies and their efforts paid off handsomely.

Which of these tips do you think is most important to generating success with social media or email marketing? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter and have a happy 4th of July!

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