Understanding and capitalizing on your marketing and social data

Data Mining

Using a combination of technology and proprietary marketing methodology, t2 extracts insights from your digital footprint and from every corner of the web in order to build goal-oriented strategies and campaigns.

Data Dissection and Analysis

Finding the data is only the beginning. Intense dissection and analysis is required to make sense of the vast amounts of information collected. t2 develops and executes successful client campaigns through the identification of outliers, influence points and correlations.

Econometric Modelling

With a team of experts in the field of economic statistics, we employ econometric modelling to pinpoint what we refer to as high-value outliers and correlative data, which in turn allows for a highly effective marketing programs to be developed for your brand.

Responsive Branding

What if you could use your data to create a campaign that you knew would resonate with your target audience? That is the idea behind our proprietary concept of ResponsiveBranding; using your insights to build campaigns that generate results. Through the identification of opportunities pulled from your owned data, campaigns and sub-strategies can be identified and refined to ensure that they resonate with the intended audience.

Market Research

Your audience is telling you who and where they are – you just have to be listening. Today’s consumer is willingly providing you with more information than you could ever hope to obtain using traditional methods. Effective market research requires that you listen to and monitor conversations, touchpoints, social data and key demographic information, thereby allowing you to devote your resources to much more effective forms of marketing.

Opportunity Mining

New opportunities may come in the form of conversation trends, competitor slip-ups, tangential conversations or even new, previously untapped demographics. t2 aims to capitalize on these new opportunities by employing a series of proprietary techniques designed to pinpoint where an opportunity exists and then implement the necessary marketing and communications strategies.

Data Governance

Your data can become overwhelming and, if left unmanaged, can become more a burden than an asset. We employ strict data governance to ensure that all the information collected and assessed remains aligned with your brand’s goals, both in the short and long term.

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