Driving Millennial Loyalty with Rich Content

Building Millennial Loyalty with Content Strategies (Part 4)

Millennial loyalty might seem like a myth based on popular misconceptions, but the reality is that Millennials can be your most loyal audience if you leverage content correctly.

In May, my new book, Marketing to Millennials for Dummies will be available online and in-stores. (You can also pre-order the book today!) While the idea of marketing to Millennials can be more broadly understood as marketing to a modern consumer, there are certain traits that have been established with the Millennial demographic specifically, and have slowly begun to expand to other cohorts. As such, I am publishing a five-part series discussing the strategic use of content in the pursuit of building loyalty with Millennials (and modern consumers, in general). This series will run until next week as we prepare for the launch of our new website and the book. In this part, we will take a closer look at what kinds of content drive up your Millennial loyalty the fastest.

Marketing to Millennials For Dummies Corey Padveen

Rich and Digestible Content

Rich and easily digestible are two qualities that might not necessarily go together all that well in the world of dining, but when it comes to marketing, the more your content possesses these two qualities, the more successful it will be at driving your Millennial relationships forward. Rich media are defined as pieces of content that leverage delivery methods beyond standard text. So, for example, an image or a video would count as forms of rich media. These are the types of content that your Millennial audience will be most attracted to, and they are the ones that will most effectively and rapidly deliver your message.

In terms of making your content more digestible, the key to doing so is thinking about simplicity when you craft your message. You’ll want your brand experience (or buyer journey) to be fluid and clear, and you’ll want your messaging to be short, to the point, and genuine. Authenticity (discussed in the final strategy, which follows next week) is key to the digestibility of your content. If Millennials can come across your content where it is presented in a way that makes it simple, eye-catching, and conversational (again, covered in the final strategy, which will be available next week) then the likelihood that they will engage with it is increased significantly. That is especially true if you’ve followed the previously outlined strategy of making the content personalized to the audience segment that you’re trying to reach.

By using rich media and developing a simple enough message that your content can be digested easily by Millennial consumers, you increase the chances that ongoing engagement can be derived from a particular segment of your audience. Ongoing engagement means getting users to return as you produce more content that follows similar patterns. As with any of these strategies, that ongoing engagement is crucial in the nurturing and strengthening of your Millennial relationships. Those relationships provide the very strong basis for loyalty.

If you take advantage of the value of rich media, you can significantly drive up your Millennial audience loyalty. Be sure to keep an eye out next week for the final content strategy I cover regarding the value of a conversation. And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Marketing to Millennials for Dummies on Amazon today!