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So Apple is Slowing Your iPhone

Apple has confirmed that older iPhones are running slower than new ones following the release of a new iOS. You’ve probably heard the news that Apple iOS updates do, in fact, slow down old iPhones. This confirms a theory that began circling earlier this year as people noticed that with the release of new devices, […]

Understanding Google Algorithm Updates in 2018 [Infographic]

In order to improve your search rankings, it’s important to completely understand Google algorithm updates and how they impact search rankings. It’s Google’s world and we’re just living in it. While that might be a bit of an exaggeration, when it comes to search, that statement holds true. Marketers are all desperate to improve search […]

Marketing with AI [Infographic]

The world of marketing is constantly changing, and one of the most valuable changes when it comes to effective targeting is marketing with AI. Artificial intelligence can mean a lot of things. Much in the same pattern as the term ‘social media’, the term ‘artificial intelligence’ has come to mean both everything and nothing. Artificial […]

Rising Utilitarianism in Decision Making: The Sharing Economy

This article originally appeared on CoreyPadveen.com. The sharing economy has experienced explosive growth, and while it might be largely self-serving on an individual level, it has created an environment that betters the greater good. Welcome back to a new edition of my study of the rise of utilitarianism in decision making processes and economies adopted […]

The Unintended Rise of Utilitarianism in Decision Making (Part 1)

This article originally appeared on CoreyPadveen.com. Whether or not we meant for it to happen, utilitarianism has become a driving factor in the decision-making process. Millennials are often regarded as being self-absorbed, lazy and entitled. Vanity and the pursuit of perceived perfection have led to the presumption that millennials and, more broadly, the consumer market […]

Building Millennial Loyalty with Content Strategies (Part 4)

Millennial loyalty might seem like a myth based on popular misconceptions, but the reality is that Millennials can be your most loyal audience if you leverage content correctly. In May, my new book, Marketing to Millennials for Dummies will be available online and in-stores. (You can also pre-order the book today!) While the idea of marketing […]